Zen Garden : First ever AEM Accelerator

Zen Garden is a platform and a concept allowing organizations for quick delivery of sites using standardized set of functionality with minimum-to-no CMS development.For the purpose of achieving the goal Zen Garden utilizes a number of concepts like grid systems and CSS Zen Garden, to allow for easy and consistent styling of pages and ease of design.

Every feature of Zen Garden comes with productivity in mind - it is meant to be an expert tool that allows to deliver websites quickly with minimum custom development. 


Zen Garden is more than accelerator

If you have multiple sites on one platform, with Zen Garden and the ideas of themes and components they can be easily managed and deployed. Zen Garden accelerates AEM site delivery.


Deliver faster than ever

Zen Garden separates creation of new sites from functional development - Zen Garden platform provides out of the box set of flexible components, which can be used in number of different scenarios. Zen Garden Accelerator integrates with AEM and helps our clients get to market faster, more reliably and with greater impact than ever before.



reusable components


functionality out of the box


expertly developed since




Lower time to market & increase productivity

Every feature of Zen Garden comes with productivity in mind - it is meant to be an expert tool that allows to deliver websites quickly with minimum custom development. This, however, might mean something different for different people - that is why Zen Garden defines clearly its target audiences and plans its roadmap with acute awareness of the clients.


Do not waste your time to get familiar with advanced technology - focus only on what's important to your visitors - quality content.
By allowing the authors to start entering real content into a wireframe environment, built on AEM with Zen Garden, your UI and creatives 
can be working with real content, and the project board can constantly be validating the work. For those interested in Content Strategy, 
this might be the tool you have been looking for to facilitate your approach without boxing you in to a particular way of working.


Take a look at our features

Zen Garden on top of Adobe AEM creates the most versatile tool for quickly delivering responsive websites. Zen Garden powerful features give customization options for your site without even touching the code.


Grid Systems

Every page needs grid to align content. Zen Garden provides 960 and Bootstrap grids. Need something custom? Grid Generator can handle it.

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Change the look and feel of your site with just a few clicks. Branding was never as easy as it is with Zen Garden. All mobile responsive; every time.

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Creative Exchange

Export your whole site as a package and skin it offline in your preferred tools. Then re-import the package to create or update your theme.

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Reusable Components

Every website is made of basic building blocks - navigations, texts, images - Zen Garden provides all of it. Need carousel or video? Already here. 

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Component Variants

Change the way the component looks like with just a single selection. Display different fields by selecting one of available variants.

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Mobile Optimised

Responsive or adaptive websites? Zen Garden supports both. On top of that add responsive images and grid. Mobile users will thank you!

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Building blocks for the web

With power of components, grids and themes you can achieve almost any website layout you can think of.

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